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Insights on Travel Products Leads to Marketing Breakthrough launches a new series of free video tutorials that go deep into understanding marketing and publishing in the new media.

This series takes you behind the scenes of a multi-channel campaign in the new age of participation when consumers and suppliers are now publishers. It starts of with understanding some of the consumer mental triggers in video marketing, and lays out a framework for understanding the form and function of information products in tourism, packages and holidays.

See Video on Youtube How to Build Your Hotel and Tourism Brand across multiple media

The tutorials show you how to build your content and information products for hotels, tourism and travel. How to position, distribute, promote it and keep it fresh and current.

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Why Hotels & Tourism Need to be Really Worried About Search

Its Official Hotels are Falling Off search

See the youtube video for the full story on How Hotels are falling Of of Search

We now know and this video prooves it, that Google is looking for authority sites to list on top of search results. And that means that small hotels and hospitality companies in the location are loosing out to big international companies and the Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

This video looks at what is happening in search result now. It compares what used to be and shows, without a doubt, how hotels are falling off of search. Its bad news for hospitality, tourism and hotel owners who rely on search to drive traffic to their sites. And that means just about everyone in tourism who is not a OTA, a chain or a big well know brand. Oh and yes, we even checked destination site, in some Islands they too were not showing up in the first page of Gs search results. The good news is you can build back authority and we can show you how.

The video is one of a series of Videos by offering FREE tutorials and case studies on how to market your travel and hospitality business.

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New Book: Marketing Hotel & Tourism Online

Ian R Clayton is Publishing Again: This times its a Book for Hotel and Tourism managers and owners.

See Details on YouTube -  Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online - The Book

Its a How to Book for tourism that is Up-to-date with the very latest information for travel in the digital age.

As the video says "If you are a manager, owner or profession in tourism who would like to understand more about what works in marketing today, this book is for you".

The Book brings you the latest know how in travel marketing with simple and easy language with no jargon. It can be read by Luddites and marketing Gurus as it has unique insights into topics of the day, and guides based on the ever changing search patterns.

The Book was written for the novice in terms of the language but not in terms of the subject. Clayton weaves through the basics to deeper thoughts, building bridges of understanding with everyday examples and colourful descriptions that everyone can relate to.


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How to Build your Business Online
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How to Get More Bookings with Fan Page Posts and SocialIndexEngine

Make Facebook a Sales Funnel!

One of the best posts to make on your Facebook pages is Special Offers. Of course, you also need to publish status updates, news and events. In fact, events are the most viral as Facebook will prioritize these and they get fast tracked to news feeds on Fan pages.

Fan Page Special Offers can also get into news feeds and a Special Deal to your followers is always attractive to Fans. Everyone loves to feel special and an offer, a coupon just for belonging is Special.


The ultimate aim of any Facebook page for a hotel or tourism business is to get your Fans into your sales funnel. Too much time is lost engaging in idle dialogue with no call to action, and no special offer that creates an action. Your Facebook strategy should have these objectives:

1. Get Fans to act - use a Like button to start, then an offer to get them to subscribe to your offers and special services. You now have them in your mailbox.

2. Create a set of auto-responders that are designed to create an action.

3. Automate the status updates - using tools you can schedule updates throughout the year. Make them general but ask questions frequently and spend 20 minutes a day replying to question that are not answered.

4. Automate Special Offers with Fan Page Posts. Offer deals at holidays, for weekends, just because you want to be nice. There is a holiday somewhere in the world every week. Celebrate them all with a special-occasion offer.


automate your Fan Page Post