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The Book: Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online

The Book: Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online

This page is for hotels and Tourism professionals who want to understand how Social Media Can help them in travel marketing. It is covered well in the Book Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online,and in these pages as well as the blogs on SocialIndexEngine we will provide useful links and information specifically on Social Media Marketing for Travel and Tourism.

New Book for Hospitality Professionals

There is a lot of information on this site and one of the issues we all have is putting it all together in a unified template. Sort of like a book that can lead you through what needs to be done and how to do it. That's why I  decided to write that book. Its  now with my editors and will be published soon. In the meantime you can check out our pre-launch video and bonus.

Pre-Launch Bonus - Free Videos and Book Preview

To foind out more about the book, get notification when it is published and to get a free bonus just go here to register  Get Your Pre-Launch Bonus here >>>>

How You Can Get More Direct Bookings &
Build Sustainable Brands With Social Media

Today Marketing is moving to the net. Even the big Broadcast companies are jumping on the bandwagon, changing from a wide cast system to a personal engagement-based network. We are communicating in multi-point conversations across many media and across many channels.

Travel is no exception; it has always been a social endeavor, and now travel marketing has new tools and opportunities to engage guests in new ways and on new channels, as well as on traditional channels.

Travelers are turning to social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for travel reviews, to see what friends say about your property, get more information, videos and photos and to share, organize, research and plan holidays. Facebook and Twitter hover a billion and half members combined. Many are potential guests for hotels and tourism. Additionally, YouTube has More than 1 billion unique users visit a YouTube site each month. Many are looking for videos on destination or for holiday ideas.

These social  channels are now the pillars of the new engagement marketing for travel. They are becoming an essential part of tourism marketing and now are a big part of the main Online Travel agents advertising Spend . .

building hotel and travel brands and driving bookings

Social Marketing 4 Travel

The SIE  Social Marketing for Travel provides a comprehensive travel marketing strategy for hotels and tourism operators.

As Part of the AXSES tourism marketing Family it has a comprehensive Tourism Marketing Machine for hotel marketing, publishing, distribution and bookings.

The next generation travel marketing is rapidly embracing and integrating with social media like Facebook, blogging, video and Web 2.0 social sites. all of these are Social. video i sSocial, Mobile is Social, Facebook is social and pretty soon everything will be social.

Travel technology must combine with social media and grass roots communication to create an internet footprint that will enhance your reputation and brand appeal at a new personal level. The new engagement marketing brings more direct business and more loyal guests.

We offer unique opportunities to promote and differentiate your product via videos, blogging, articles, magazines and social marketing for travel with a focus on engagement, sharing and open, grass roots helpful communication.

Our team of knowledgeable experts can help you plan and execute social and mobile marketing strategies with zero% extra effort on your part. Review our pages, download the white paper and contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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