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New Marketing Platform

In 2012 we launched a new marketing platform called (SIE). It is a unique proprietary solution combining our own travel marketing technology with new ways to use social media, articles, video, narrowcast and broadcast distribution.

Part of this is our proprietary publishing system that allows us to create vast footprints and high authority for our clients in any market.

We build strategic websites for each campaign, based on an open platform that is easy to use and widely available.

The platform has several Pillars and over score of strategies and timing details that absolutely must be executed precisely on time and in sequence. When you read the overview of what we call our main pillars, remember these are only a fraction of the entire program and that our success is based on using the technology build over a decade which is now integrated into the SIE system.

The backbone of technology binding it all together are widget, like special purpose booking engines, applications, like travel blast and FanPagePosts, and systems like Social Network management services that we have build as well as 3rd party solution like icontact and vocus which are integrated into the platform.

You will get a lot out of reading about the pillars and more by signing up for the tutorial. But let me warn you, it sounds simple and you might think that it is something you should do on your own.

A Caution!

We must caution you however that these techniques rely on the system to be truly effective. Our system has over 600 sites, apps and services in the network which are part of the marketing. That marketing and publishing network is growing exponentially. The sites are part of the publishing network and are linked together with our own systems and strategies. You cannot replicate these without investing in the same technology that we have built.

So while we are happy to share and to have you test out ideas which we know will be helpful, the real advantage of SIE is its underlying platform and timing that you cannot duplicate without considerable investment.

Do it wrong and you will hurt yourself!

The final word is that you absolutely must do this right with quality content, strategic links and natural processes. 

For real and sustainable results, contact us.

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