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The Future of the Web is Visual

In the last week or so there have been dozens of articles and blogs about the Visual Web.

From ReadWrite web we have 'The triumph of the visual web" - commented on Marketing Hotels and Tourism

- Skiff echos this with its article on visual are the new currency of travel marketing - The list goes on and on and on...

Tourism Marketing Goes Visual

In travel planning and destination marketing the latest technology is visual with system like Mygola visual trip and AXSES own Visual Bookings Technology, a system that transforms a booking engine into a tourism planning solution that engages travellers and gets more conversions - see the video below - or on youtube

More on this at See several video of how this technology impact travel shoppers, hotels suppliers and tourism destinations, association and other hospitality marketing services.

The move to visual content with video, images, slide presentations and info graphics is of course global.

Info-Graph of Global Visual Content Marketing

Visual Content is growing faster that any sector of marketing. It has the larges annual increase in both audience and time spend on any network, and that accross all industries and platforms!

Check out the blog and info-graphics by Jeff Bullas at Click Here for latest info-graph