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How Google Travel has Evolved & What it Means to Hoteliers & Tourism

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Ian R Clayton Internationally Authority on Tourism

Ian R Clayton Internationally Authority on Tourism

Ian R. Clayton first worked in tourism starting with his hotel and catering training in the UK. He moved on to be a hotel manager in Barbados and after attending McGill and Concordia in Canada return to tourism in 1995 to set up AXSES SCI a tourism development company.

The Company developed the fist Facebook bookings App for small independent hotels, that allowed FANs to book direct without paying Online travel Agent (OTA) commissions. It pioneered the first dynamic package system based on behavior response and personality profiling. Today AXSES SCI is the creator of a series of Visual Tourism Tool for travel planning, marketing, sales conversion and bookings.

In this Press Release Clayton shows how Google has changed for a search company to media and now travel marketer. The Release is based on a blog written by Clayton on MarketingHotelsAndTourism (MHAT) - Click Here for the full MHAT blog >>

Here is an Excerpt from Clayton: “Hotels and tourism companies that depend on SEO had better be prepared for the months and years ahead, If not they are going to be in for a very big surprise and not a good one. We've seen it before when Google shifted their emphasis to paid advertising, and the near future holds more of the same!”

“Adaption is key to survival,” Clayton continued. “Now more than ever.”

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Why Hotels & Tourism Need to be Really Worried About Search

Its Official Hotels are Falling Off search

See the youtube video for the full story on How Hotels are falling Of of Search

We now know and this video prooves it, that Google is looking for authority sites to list on top of search results. And that means that small hotels and hospitality companies in the location are loosing out to big international companies and the Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

This video looks at what is happening in search result now. It compares what used to be and shows, without a doubt, how hotels are falling off of search. Its bad news for hospitality, tourism and hotel owners who rely on search to drive traffic to their sites. And that means just about everyone in tourism who is not a OTA, a chain or a big well know brand. Oh and yes, we even checked destination site, in some Islands they too were not showing up in the first page of Gs search results. The good news is you can build back authority and we can show you how.

The video is one of a series of Videos by offering FREE tutorials and case studies on how to market your travel and hospitality business.

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New Book: Marketing Hotel & Tourism Online

Ian R Clayton is Publishing Again: This times its a Book for Hotel and Tourism managers and owners.

See Details on YouTube -  Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online - The Book

Its a How to Book for tourism that is Up-to-date with the very latest information for travel in the digital age.

As the video says "If you are a manager, owner or profession in tourism who would like to understand more about what works in marketing today, this book is for you".

The Book brings you the latest know how in travel marketing with simple and easy language with no jargon. It can be read by Luddites and marketing Gurus as it has unique insights into topics of the day, and guides based on the ever changing search patterns.

The Book was written for the novice in terms of the language but not in terms of the subject. Clayton weaves through the basics to deeper thoughts, building bridges of understanding with everyday examples and colourful descriptions that everyone can relate to.


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New SocialIndexEngine Portal launched

New SocialIndexEngine Portal

Hello everyone, welcome to our new Social Index Engine (SIE) portal. Our previous SIE site still
exists. It is a page dedicated to travel and tourism marketing.
see old page at

The new SIE portal is many pages deep as you will see and has its own blogging section, a video section and of course a commitment to training with a series of tutorials free to all. The portal lays out the platform of SocialIndexEngine in detail with some really important insights into the changing landscape for marketing in the age of participation.

You may see our Press Release  at - That also has a very handy pdf report which will be helpful.

Check out our video promo.

The New Portal is about why you need SIE, what it does, how it does it and proof that it works. We have included case studies and videos to demonstrate proof of what works. All our SIE campaigns have been very successful.

Before going live with this project, we have spent months testing and perfecting the systems. The systems are the sum of our intense research and development over the 15 years we have been involved in Internet software development and marketing.

Unique SIE Marketing Campaign

We build our SIE niche marketing campaigns with a highly optimized website, similar to The optimization uses our own proprietary techniques that allow us to map out a fully integrated marketing plan. We use our own applications and widgets to tweak the videos,  integrate all the parts and implement all of the aspects of a modern internet marketing campaign.

Limited Availability

We invite only a few tourism suppliers and top travel companies in each area for these SIE campaigns. That way the traveler is not overwhelmed with choice and we can deliver high value to our clients.

Register to be Invited.

Register now to be included in our invitations. The form is on the top right hand of most pages. Just enter your name, email and the website you might like us to market with you. We must have a website and you can't register without it. We do need this and we will evaluate it in order to select our invitees.



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We will be rolling out a site every 2 months. The site we choose will be based on our research and will have a good ROI for partners. Our aim is to bring a new level of selectivity to weary travelers who typically have too many choices and want a source that helps organize data for them.


Socialindexengine – Get Ready For Your Video Campaign

Get Ready For Your Video Campaign



I want to let you in on the secret of how we create great success. You may have already noted that video drives our marketing. Video is a powerful way to tell your story when it is done right. Forecasts are that in the next few years video will be 90% of all consumer traffic on the net and 64% of mobile.


All of the search engines are indexing videos. This means that even if your video does not find a great audience, or even if it does not go viral, you get indexed on leading search results by having an active and appropriate video campaign. But only if it is done right. This means that it is optimized for your market, optimized on YouTube, launched with collateral, distributed to appropriate sites and that you have a social network working in tandem with video.


In the next email, I am going to tell you more about video. But in the meantime, we would like you to start thinking about building up your social footprint and your web presence.

Building your Social Index requires that you have a social presence. We assume that you already have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. But what about Delicious, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Myspace and the key bookmarking sites?

Chances are that you don't have them and you must. It's absolutely vital that you do this because all these sites are as big as Facebook. What is more important is that they are all going to help you get listed on Google and Search engines and help you get found and get Booked.

But we are not ready to build these for you just yet. The timing is critical - you need to have your first video in place, a blog of your own and more feet in the market and a Social Strategy.

So here is our next recommendation - Let's continue with Facebook and add bookings to it. This will increase the power of your sales funnel and your brand marketing strategy.

Check this out at

You also need to start promoting your brand across the travel media. We suggest that you do this by blasting off special offers to 100s of sites.

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Then just wait for our next email as we offer you a very special package that will start to build your marketing platform.

But if you can't wait, please go ahead and buy these now so that we can start right away. We will always make up the difference and reward the early movers!

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