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How to use the Travel Cloud for Hotel Marketing

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The building blocks of Information Marketing Relieved

Following on from the last blog on's Insights on Multimedia Marketing.. This video dives deep into the concept of information, breaking it down in its source and format which allows us to re-purpose and reconfigure content into many entities/articles/video blogs etc.

YouTube Video 1

10 articles by 10 formats gives a hundred entities

But it does not stop there. Ian shows how these are distributed into multiple channels and multiplied again with Press Releases all of which go into a social network creating a travel cloud for effective marketing, brand building and authority.

Multiple your Exposure and Reinforce your Marketing

This is a personal insight of Ian R Clayton and it is a revolutionary new understanding of how information can be formatted, re-proposed and published in the digital age. The concept builds on a fundamental change in the way we look at social media, as Ian calls it the Social Network, and shows hos it can literally multiple your exposure and reinforce your marketing. The concept is applied to hospitality, hotels and tourism but applies equally to any business or service.

What you Need to Know about your Social Network

A major part of this strategy is how you can build and use your social media to hyper-charge your hotel and tourism marketing. That is covered in full on the Free Video Tutorials - Click Here >>>

To Get the full series go to - Click Here >>>

This blog and the previous are just two excerpts from the list of many FREE video on Tourism Marketing Machines. To fully understand this technique you will also needs to see the explanation of how to buid your social network, another video that bridges the two displayed on our site. is a free services helping hotel and tourism companies as well as holiday destinations, understand and use the new digital media and the cloud. Sign up to receive all FREE videos at

Covered in this series - How to build your social network, examples of using the network to build a travel cloud, how to use your travel cloud to hyper charge your hotel and tourism marketing and build a lasting brand.



Why Hotels & Tourism Need to be Really Worried About Search

Its Official Hotels are Falling Off search

See the youtube video for the full story on How Hotels are falling Of of Search

We now know and this video prooves it, that Google is looking for authority sites to list on top of search results. And that means that small hotels and hospitality companies in the location are loosing out to big international companies and the Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

This video looks at what is happening in search result now. It compares what used to be and shows, without a doubt, how hotels are falling off of search. Its bad news for hospitality, tourism and hotel owners who rely on search to drive traffic to their sites. And that means just about everyone in tourism who is not a OTA, a chain or a big well know brand. Oh and yes, we even checked destination site, in some Islands they too were not showing up in the first page of Gs search results. The good news is you can build back authority and we can show you how.

The video is one of a series of Videos by offering FREE tutorials and case studies on how to market your travel and hospitality business.

See the more details on YOUTUBE


How to Blog

How to Blog – Tips to Build your Business Online through Blogging

If you already a business owner or are thinking about it, you will need a strong online presence to stand out from the competition. One of the easiest ways to do this is through creating a blog. Blogging has changed drastically in the past several years, going from a way to keep a public personal diary of sorts, to a valid business tool. Blogging can drive traffic to your main website, and inspire people to learn more about your brand. To build your business online through keeping a blog, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Read other blogs.

If you've never blogged before, a good way to start learning more about how to blog and build your business online is through reading other blogs. You can stick to those that are in the same industry as your own business, to see what competitors are doing and get a better feel for how blogging works. You may pick up some inspirational design tips through these other blogs. Once you have your own blog up and running, you can then follow these other blogs and invite them to follow you in return to start building a network of readers.

Keep language conversational.

Blogging is not a formal method of communication. When you write blog entries, they shouldn't read like formal pieces of journalism. Don't be afraid to show off your personality. However, in the interest of starting to build your business online, you will want to be sure that your tone and content stays true to your brand. It's best to not to go off on rants, but you can keep your language lighthearted and use informal slang at times.

Update your content frequently.

The worst mistake that a business owner can make is to start a blog with a strong marketing push, and then fail to follow through with it. If you don't update your blog with regular content, your readers will lose interest in it, and in your business in return. When trying to build your business online, you'll want to pay attention to the quantity of your content as well as the quality of it.

Engage in dialogue with readers.

You can enable comments on your blog, so that your readers can discuss what you post with one another and with you. This is your chance to reach out and communicate with your audience, increasing your chances of the audience sharing your content on their social networking sites or reposting your blog posts on their own blogs. By participating in the dialogue, you can reach a far wider audience with your blog.

Don't stress out.

Most important, be patient and have fun with your blog. You won't build your business overnight with it, but it can be a useful tool for expansion.



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How to Build Backlinks Naturally

The "How to Build Your Business Online Book" blog on Backlinking in the age of Penguin and Panda is a must read for anyone in business. Backlinks are essential to Internet marketing. They help create your page rank, your authority and ultimately determine how you get listed in search results.

Sites with authentic links back to them from authority sites get indexed by search engines. They get listed in results relative to the keywords being searched.

For the full tutorial on linking strategies see

Closely related topics on Panda and Penguin are also discussed on the site. You will learn about the best linking strategies, link wheels and link pyramids and critical errors that are made in creating links; like reciprocal linking, linking too fast, linking to the wrong sites, using anchor text, and all about building authority and page rank.

How to Build Your Business Online - This is the website for the book of the same name by Ian R Clayton. Ian is offering a free set of tutorials based on subjects introduced in the book. For example, there are tutorials on article marketing for travel, keyword research and strategies for any business and what you need to know about on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While it is recommended that you buy the book, the tutorials are freely available to anyone who cares to signup for them. Those that signup also get access to the newsroom and on-going tutorials. "Online marketing is changing so rapidly, that we need to add blogs and videos to clarify what has changed and how it affects marketing" says Clayton.

You can signup for the tutorials and blogs at