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How Google Travel has Evolved & What it Means to Hoteliers & Tourism

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Ian R Clayton Internationally Authority on Tourism

Ian R Clayton Internationally Authority on Tourism

Ian R. Clayton first worked in tourism starting with his hotel and catering training in the UK. He moved on to be a hotel manager in Barbados and after attending McGill and Concordia in Canada return to tourism in 1995 to set up AXSES SCI a tourism development company.

The Company developed the fist Facebook bookings App for small independent hotels, that allowed FANs to book direct without paying Online travel Agent (OTA) commissions. It pioneered the first dynamic package system based on behavior response and personality profiling. Today AXSES SCI is the creator of a series of Visual Tourism Tool for travel planning, marketing, sales conversion and bookings.

In this Press Release Clayton shows how Google has changed for a search company to media and now travel marketer. The Release is based on a blog written by Clayton on MarketingHotelsAndTourism (MHAT) - Click Here for the full MHAT blog >>

Here is an Excerpt from Clayton: “Hotels and tourism companies that depend on SEO had better be prepared for the months and years ahead, If not they are going to be in for a very big surprise and not a good one. We've seen it before when Google shifted their emphasis to paid advertising, and the near future holds more of the same!”

“Adaption is key to survival,” Clayton continued. “Now more than ever.”

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How to use the Travel Cloud for Hotel Marketing

information content marketing chart

The building blocks of Information Marketing Relieved

Following on from the last blog on's Insights on Multimedia Marketing.. This video dives deep into the concept of information, breaking it down in its source and format which allows us to re-purpose and reconfigure content into many entities/articles/video blogs etc.

YouTube Video 1

10 articles by 10 formats gives a hundred entities

But it does not stop there. Ian shows how these are distributed into multiple channels and multiplied again with Press Releases all of which go into a social network creating a travel cloud for effective marketing, brand building and authority.

Multiple your Exposure and Reinforce your Marketing

This is a personal insight of Ian R Clayton and it is a revolutionary new understanding of how information can be formatted, re-proposed and published in the digital age. The concept builds on a fundamental change in the way we look at social media, as Ian calls it the Social Network, and shows hos it can literally multiple your exposure and reinforce your marketing. The concept is applied to hospitality, hotels and tourism but applies equally to any business or service.

What you Need to Know about your Social Network

A major part of this strategy is how you can build and use your social media to hyper-charge your hotel and tourism marketing. That is covered in full on the Free Video Tutorials - Click Here >>>

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This blog and the previous are just two excerpts from the list of many FREE video on Tourism Marketing Machines. To fully understand this technique you will also needs to see the explanation of how to buid your social network, another video that bridges the two displayed on our site. is a free services helping hotel and tourism companies as well as holiday destinations, understand and use the new digital media and the cloud. Sign up to receive all FREE videos at

Covered in this series - How to build your social network, examples of using the network to build a travel cloud, how to use your travel cloud to hyper charge your hotel and tourism marketing and build a lasting brand.



Insights on Travel Products Leads to Marketing Breakthrough launches a new series of free video tutorials that go deep into understanding marketing and publishing in the new media.

This series takes you behind the scenes of a multi-channel campaign in the new age of participation when consumers and suppliers are now publishers. It starts of with understanding some of the consumer mental triggers in video marketing, and lays out a framework for understanding the form and function of information products in tourism, packages and holidays.

See Video on Youtube How to Build Your Hotel and Tourism Brand across multiple media

The tutorials show you how to build your content and information products for hotels, tourism and travel. How to position, distribute, promote it and keep it fresh and current.

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Why Hotels & Tourism Need to be Really Worried About Search

Its Official Hotels are Falling Off search

See the youtube video for the full story on How Hotels are falling Of of Search

We now know and this video prooves it, that Google is looking for authority sites to list on top of search results. And that means that small hotels and hospitality companies in the location are loosing out to big international companies and the Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

This video looks at what is happening in search result now. It compares what used to be and shows, without a doubt, how hotels are falling off of search. Its bad news for hospitality, tourism and hotel owners who rely on search to drive traffic to their sites. And that means just about everyone in tourism who is not a OTA, a chain or a big well know brand. Oh and yes, we even checked destination site, in some Islands they too were not showing up in the first page of Gs search results. The good news is you can build back authority and we can show you how.

The video is one of a series of Videos by offering FREE tutorials and case studies on how to market your travel and hospitality business.

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