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Why Facebooks in-Post Advertising is Bad For You

I created this short video to go a bit deeper into what is happening with social media advertising on our own posts. It looks at what the latest trends with social advertising as social networks move to capitalize on the wealth of content that users give it. Some reward content owners, many do not. This post and video explore why in-post advertising is bad for users.

The original post is on a curator site that looks at the latest research and trends in brand, marketing, automation and systematization technology primarily for hotels and tourism. Of course the insights and analyses we share applies to any business or industry.

see Why Facebook in-post ads are bad for you on Youtube

What the Video Says about Social Advertising Today

I’m still on with my rant about Facebook. They are becoming the largest advertising company in the world. But, do they have the right to put advertisements in our posts?

I writing about things that interest my clients in the business that I’m in, which is travel. So I look at technology and I look at the trends and I report on that. I do a lot of curation. I look at what other people are saying and I put my own slant on it because they don’t often have our perspective. That how I came across the article about I like the company, love their wacky ads. but I’m not associated with them and I’m NOT endorsing them. I wrote the article exploring how they had positioned themselves in the market, which is creative and effective. I then posted the article to Facebook who turns around and puts an advertisement in my post. I didn’t know they were doing that, and immediately I got a couple of people who are saying they’re quite concerned and confused by what am I doing advertising The truth is I’m not, Facebook is, and their ad in my post is deceptive and usury.

In-Post ads  give the impression that we endorse the products!

If you are going to advertise with someones picture or content, you have a legal and moral obligation to give credit to that person and to reward them if you’re receiving money. The laws around the world are pretty strict about that and I’m not going after Facebook or anything stupid like that, trying to get some money from them. But we have a responsibility to be guardians of our own property and our own rights in this marketplace.

The original video on being anonymous in social media shares this idea and looks at the where The Internet is going with respect to being social — It is very positive review on the whole, but social is unraveling to some extent and it’s becoming a very anti-social network in lots of ways as exposed by Prince Ea in that first video. We are being sucked into creating good content for their ads. In the process we are giving away our privacy, we’re giving away our independence and our best content.  We are in that process totally anonymous and our content builds their ad-network at our expense.

Our content is making social ad platforms a success and the exchange is not in our favour.

That’s not only true of Facebook. Google has done much the same thing. We’ve built maps for using the basic Google Map platform. Google has commended us for these map applications.  Our map-app adds locations information, property information, rates, photos and booking capability right in the map. It was at the time leading edge technology long before all the OTA like Expedia etc got maps working for themselves. Not long after G used all of our point information for themselves.

The promise of the social media was "being social", sharing, and involving other people, helping other people, not helping ourselves at the expense of others. Instead the very people that have created the social platforms and the social networks are switching that around to helping themselves.

Do you see what I mean? Facebook is helping themselves to my post to advertise to who are spending a fortune with them. Google is helping themselves to the maps that we’ve created, putting it on their carousels and taking the benefits of that for themselves. Its not only us that they are depreciating in the process because all that property information is driving traffic to their adverting partners (the OTA) making impossible for small hotel to get seen on the first page of search results - See more on this at #GoogleTravel.

Social media should be about sharing, not about taking!

Watch these development and take control of your content. We might loose it all because we are small cogs in the wheel. If you look at the GoogleTravel blog and video you will see how G is favoring what it calls authority sites - In the case of tourism that means the big Online Travel Agents and in that process small local hotels are pushed off of search.

We are just a little screw in the machinery and they will walk all over us if we let them.

Now, I have quite a number of rants and you can see them all on and you can search for it on the site for rants. I’m just trying to let people be aware of some of the things that I think are provocative in terms of what’s happening in the industry so that we can be informed about it and do what we want and not do whatever we want.

On a footnote- A story on Twitters new fabric and digital (password technology) had, as a sideline, that statement that twitter does not charge for all these services. Its free in exchange for your content.. Maybe Facebook is the same, maybe that is the new format of eCommerce, but maybe its not good thing for us, and certainly it is a good thing to know about. If we do know, maybe we will be more careful about what we say and share.

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About the author
Ian R Clayton - Author, Publisher & CEO of AXSES | Profile on Amazon. Books - next | Rogues in Paradise Publisher -Travel Magazine | Google+


How to Blog

How to Blog – Tips to Build your Business Online through Blogging

If you already a business owner or are thinking about it, you will need a strong online presence to stand out from the competition. One of the easiest ways to do this is through creating a blog. Blogging has changed drastically in the past several years, going from a way to keep a public personal diary of sorts, to a valid business tool. Blogging can drive traffic to your main website, and inspire people to learn more about your brand. To build your business online through keeping a blog, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Read other blogs.

If you've never blogged before, a good way to start learning more about how to blog and build your business online is through reading other blogs. You can stick to those that are in the same industry as your own business, to see what competitors are doing and get a better feel for how blogging works. You may pick up some inspirational design tips through these other blogs. Once you have your own blog up and running, you can then follow these other blogs and invite them to follow you in return to start building a network of readers.

Keep language conversational.

Blogging is not a formal method of communication. When you write blog entries, they shouldn't read like formal pieces of journalism. Don't be afraid to show off your personality. However, in the interest of starting to build your business online, you will want to be sure that your tone and content stays true to your brand. It's best to not to go off on rants, but you can keep your language lighthearted and use informal slang at times.

Update your content frequently.

The worst mistake that a business owner can make is to start a blog with a strong marketing push, and then fail to follow through with it. If you don't update your blog with regular content, your readers will lose interest in it, and in your business in return. When trying to build your business online, you'll want to pay attention to the quantity of your content as well as the quality of it.

Engage in dialogue with readers.

You can enable comments on your blog, so that your readers can discuss what you post with one another and with you. This is your chance to reach out and communicate with your audience, increasing your chances of the audience sharing your content on their social networking sites or reposting your blog posts on their own blogs. By participating in the dialogue, you can reach a far wider audience with your blog.

Don't stress out.

Most important, be patient and have fun with your blog. You won't build your business overnight with it, but it can be a useful tool for expansion.



More >>> See

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How to Build Backlinks Naturally

The "How to Build Your Business Online Book" blog on Backlinking in the age of Penguin and Panda is a must read for anyone in business. Backlinks are essential to Internet marketing. They help create your page rank, your authority and ultimately determine how you get listed in search results.

Sites with authentic links back to them from authority sites get indexed by search engines. They get listed in results relative to the keywords being searched.

For the full tutorial on linking strategies see

Closely related topics on Panda and Penguin are also discussed on the site. You will learn about the best linking strategies, link wheels and link pyramids and critical errors that are made in creating links; like reciprocal linking, linking too fast, linking to the wrong sites, using anchor text, and all about building authority and page rank.

How to Build Your Business Online - This is the website for the book of the same name by Ian R Clayton. Ian is offering a free set of tutorials based on subjects introduced in the book. For example, there are tutorials on article marketing for travel, keyword research and strategies for any business and what you need to know about on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While it is recommended that you buy the book, the tutorials are freely available to anyone who cares to signup for them. Those that signup also get access to the newsroom and on-going tutorials. "Online marketing is changing so rapidly, that we need to add blogs and videos to clarify what has changed and how it affects marketing" says Clayton.

You can signup for the tutorials and blogs at


7 Reasons Why Video Is Vital


In SocialIndexEngine Marketing our Job is to get you exposure, backlinks and bookings.
In our campaigns  strategic videos are vital to the success . People share videos more that any other content.


7 Reasons Why Video is Important to You

1. More is better. Travelers have different motives and triggers at any
given time - different videos appeal to market segments and provide
different messages. In Travel Marketing there are many messages and there
are many niche markets for families, groups, romance, adventure, getaway,
activities, etc.

2. Video is engaging and causes people to stay longer and do more. It
increases the stay rate on a site, which Google uses in its ranking of the

3. A Video page is one of the most popular pages on any tourism website.

4. Video is viral - visitors tell others about videos more that any other

5. A video is more likely to be picked up and appear on the first page of
Google because Google is indexing videos - sites that use them do better
that sites that do not.

6. Video is more powerful than blogs and content in persuading buyers.
Blogs too are effective and the more the better - same goes for videos.

7.If the video gets a certain number of views shortly after launch,
it can be featured by YouTube on its front page, and displayed to thousands.

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New SocialIndexEngine Portal launched

New SocialIndexEngine Portal

Hello everyone, welcome to our new Social Index Engine (SIE) portal. Our previous SIE site still
exists. It is a page dedicated to travel and tourism marketing.
see old page at

The new SIE portal is many pages deep as you will see and has its own blogging section, a video section and of course a commitment to training with a series of tutorials free to all. The portal lays out the platform of SocialIndexEngine in detail with some really important insights into the changing landscape for marketing in the age of participation.

You may see our Press Release  at - That also has a very handy pdf report which will be helpful.

Check out our video promo.

The New Portal is about why you need SIE, what it does, how it does it and proof that it works. We have included case studies and videos to demonstrate proof of what works. All our SIE campaigns have been very successful.

Before going live with this project, we have spent months testing and perfecting the systems. The systems are the sum of our intense research and development over the 15 years we have been involved in Internet software development and marketing.

Unique SIE Marketing Campaign

We build our SIE niche marketing campaigns with a highly optimized website, similar to The optimization uses our own proprietary techniques that allow us to map out a fully integrated marketing plan. We use our own applications and widgets to tweak the videos,  integrate all the parts and implement all of the aspects of a modern internet marketing campaign.

Limited Availability

We invite only a few tourism suppliers and top travel companies in each area for these SIE campaigns. That way the traveler is not overwhelmed with choice and we can deliver high value to our clients.

Register to be Invited.

Register now to be included in our invitations. The form is on the top right hand of most pages. Just enter your name, email and the website you might like us to market with you. We must have a website and you can't register without it. We do need this and we will evaluate it in order to select our invitees.



Travel2ExoticPlaces | Adventure-travel-destinations | Romantic-Holiday-Destinations | Bolivia | Dominica | Barbados | St. Lucia


We will be rolling out a site every 2 months. The site we choose will be based on our research and will have a good ROI for partners. Our aim is to bring a new level of selectivity to weary travelers who typically have too many choices and want a source that helps organize data for them.


How to Get More Bookings with Fan Page Posts and SocialIndexEngine

Make Facebook a Sales Funnel!

One of the best posts to make on your Facebook pages is Special Offers. Of course, you also need to publish status updates, news and events. In fact, events are the most viral as Facebook will prioritize these and they get fast tracked to news feeds on Fan pages.

Fan Page Special Offers can also get into news feeds and a Special Deal to your followers is always attractive to Fans. Everyone loves to feel special and an offer, a coupon just for belonging is Special.


The ultimate aim of any Facebook page for a hotel or tourism business is to get your Fans into your sales funnel. Too much time is lost engaging in idle dialogue with no call to action, and no special offer that creates an action. Your Facebook strategy should have these objectives:

1. Get Fans to act - use a Like button to start, then an offer to get them to subscribe to your offers and special services. You now have them in your mailbox.

2. Create a set of auto-responders that are designed to create an action.

3. Automate the status updates - using tools you can schedule updates throughout the year. Make them general but ask questions frequently and spend 20 minutes a day replying to question that are not answered.

4. Automate Special Offers with Fan Page Posts. Offer deals at holidays, for weekends, just because you want to be nice. There is a holiday somewhere in the world every week. Celebrate them all with a special-occasion offer.


automate your Fan Page Post



Social Indexing is the New SEO for Tourism


The New SEO is Social. Do it Right!

Search Engines are placing a growing importance on your Social Footprint: who you are linked to, which Social Sites you are noted on, what you like and what you do that others like.

This is because Search Engines like Google are trying to deliver a single answer to every person, tailored precisely to their own interests and personality.

Social Media is the source of this personal information. Because Social sites are highly regarded by all Search Engines, doing it right can get you to the top of search results for traveler searches.

Check out our resources:

  • Stay Tuned for upcoming webinar on SocialIndexEngine

A Great Place to start with Social Media is building your Fan Page Posts and bookings into your Facebook pages.


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Social Media Marketing for Hotels – Just what is it?

Social Media: A Must-Have Marketing Strategy


I just want to share a word about the real meaning of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is about positive, long-lasting, organic SEO.

Social Indexing and Marketing is about maintaining your brand and your
reputation. It multiplies over time with compounds as you create more
iteration and expand your Social Index relative to your interests. It is
all about acting like a human and networking in its traditional form;
being a part of the discourse, part of the conversation, meeting people
and sharing ideas, news and opportunities.

Don’t look at Social as a direct response marketing channel. It's Brand
Marketing, Relationship building and Search Engine Optimization!

But you can make it convert better if you build and manage a sales
funnel. And the best way to understand that is to start right now.

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This is a great place to start and test Social Media.
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Socialindexengine – Get Ready For Your Video Campaign

Get Ready For Your Video Campaign



I want to let you in on the secret of how we create great success. You may have already noted that video drives our marketing. Video is a powerful way to tell your story when it is done right. Forecasts are that in the next few years video will be 90% of all consumer traffic on the net and 64% of mobile.


All of the search engines are indexing videos. This means that even if your video does not find a great audience, or even if it does not go viral, you get indexed on leading search results by having an active and appropriate video campaign. But only if it is done right. This means that it is optimized for your market, optimized on YouTube, launched with collateral, distributed to appropriate sites and that you have a social network working in tandem with video.


In the next email, I am going to tell you more about video. But in the meantime, we would like you to start thinking about building up your social footprint and your web presence.

Building your Social Index requires that you have a social presence. We assume that you already have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. But what about Delicious, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Myspace and the key bookmarking sites?

Chances are that you don't have them and you must. It's absolutely vital that you do this because all these sites are as big as Facebook. What is more important is that they are all going to help you get listed on Google and Search engines and help you get found and get Booked.

But we are not ready to build these for you just yet. The timing is critical - you need to have your first video in place, a blog of your own and more feet in the market and a Social Strategy.

So here is our next recommendation - Let's continue with Facebook and add bookings to it. This will increase the power of your sales funnel and your brand marketing strategy.

Check this out at

You also need to start promoting your brand across the travel media. We suggest that you do this by blasting off special offers to 100s of sites.

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Then just wait for our next email as we offer you a very special package that will start to build your marketing platform.

But if you can't wait, please go ahead and buy these now so that we can start right away. We will always make up the difference and reward the early movers!

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