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Why Facebooks in-Post Advertising is Bad For You

I created this short video to go a bit deeper into what is happening with social media advertising on our own posts. It looks at what the latest trends with social advertising as social networks move to capitalize on the wealth of content that users give it. Some reward content owners, many do not. This post and video explore why in-post advertising is bad for users.

The original post is on a curator site that looks at the latest research and trends in brand, marketing, automation and systematization technology primarily for hotels and tourism. Of course the insights and analyses we share applies to any business or industry.

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What the Video Says about Social Advertising Today

I’m still on with my rant about Facebook. They are becoming the largest advertising company in the world. But, do they have the right to put advertisements in our posts?

I writing about things that interest my clients in the business that I’m in, which is travel. So I look at technology and I look at the trends and I report on that. I do a lot of curation. I look at what other people are saying and I put my own slant on it because they don’t often have our perspective. That how I came across the article about I like the company, love their wacky ads. but I’m not associated with them and I’m NOT endorsing them. I wrote the article exploring how they had positioned themselves in the market, which is creative and effective. I then posted the article to Facebook who turns around and puts an advertisement in my post. I didn’t know they were doing that, and immediately I got a couple of people who are saying they’re quite concerned and confused by what am I doing advertising The truth is I’m not, Facebook is, and their ad in my post is deceptive and usury.

In-Post ads  give the impression that we endorse the products!

If you are going to advertise with someones picture or content, you have a legal and moral obligation to give credit to that person and to reward them if you’re receiving money. The laws around the world are pretty strict about that and I’m not going after Facebook or anything stupid like that, trying to get some money from them. But we have a responsibility to be guardians of our own property and our own rights in this marketplace.

The original video on being anonymous in social media shares this idea and looks at the where The Internet is going with respect to being social — It is very positive review on the whole, but social is unraveling to some extent and it’s becoming a very anti-social network in lots of ways as exposed by Prince Ea in that first video. We are being sucked into creating good content for their ads. In the process we are giving away our privacy, we’re giving away our independence and our best content.  We are in that process totally anonymous and our content builds their ad-network at our expense.

Our content is making social ad platforms a success and the exchange is not in our favour.

That’s not only true of Facebook. Google has done much the same thing. We’ve built maps for using the basic Google Map platform. Google has commended us for these map applications.  Our map-app adds locations information, property information, rates, photos and booking capability right in the map. It was at the time leading edge technology long before all the OTA like Expedia etc got maps working for themselves. Not long after G used all of our point information for themselves.

The promise of the social media was "being social", sharing, and involving other people, helping other people, not helping ourselves at the expense of others. Instead the very people that have created the social platforms and the social networks are switching that around to helping themselves.

Do you see what I mean? Facebook is helping themselves to my post to advertise to who are spending a fortune with them. Google is helping themselves to the maps that we’ve created, putting it on their carousels and taking the benefits of that for themselves. Its not only us that they are depreciating in the process because all that property information is driving traffic to their adverting partners (the OTA) making impossible for small hotel to get seen on the first page of search results - See more on this at #GoogleTravel.

Social media should be about sharing, not about taking!

Watch these development and take control of your content. We might loose it all because we are small cogs in the wheel. If you look at the GoogleTravel blog and video you will see how G is favoring what it calls authority sites - In the case of tourism that means the big Online Travel Agents and in that process small local hotels are pushed off of search.

We are just a little screw in the machinery and they will walk all over us if we let them.

Now, I have quite a number of rants and you can see them all on and you can search for it on the site for rants. I’m just trying to let people be aware of some of the things that I think are provocative in terms of what’s happening in the industry so that we can be informed about it and do what we want and not do whatever we want.

On a footnote- A story on Twitters new fabric and digital (password technology) had, as a sideline, that statement that twitter does not charge for all these services. Its free in exchange for your content.. Maybe Facebook is the same, maybe that is the new format of eCommerce, but maybe its not good thing for us, and certainly it is a good thing to know about. If we do know, maybe we will be more careful about what we say and share.

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