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How Google Travel has Evolved & What it Means to Hoteliers & Tourism

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Ian R Clayton Internationally Authority on Tourism

Ian R Clayton Internationally Authority on Tourism

Ian R. Clayton first worked in tourism starting with his hotel and catering training in the UK. He moved on to be a hotel manager in Barbados and after attending McGill and Concordia in Canada return to tourism in 1995 to set up AXSES SCI a tourism development company.

The Company developed the fist Facebook bookings App for small independent hotels, that allowed FANs to book direct without paying Online travel Agent (OTA) commissions. It pioneered the first dynamic package system based on behavior response and personality profiling. Today AXSES SCI is the creator of a series of Visual Tourism Tool for travel planning, marketing, sales conversion and bookings.

In this Press Release Clayton shows how Google has changed for a search company to media and now travel marketer. The Release is based on a blog written by Clayton on MarketingHotelsAndTourism (MHAT) - Click Here for the full MHAT blog >>

Here is an Excerpt from Clayton: “Hotels and tourism companies that depend on SEO had better be prepared for the months and years ahead, If not they are going to be in for a very big surprise and not a good one. We've seen it before when Google shifted their emphasis to paid advertising, and the near future holds more of the same!”

“Adaption is key to survival,” Clayton continued. “Now more than ever.”

See the PR on

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