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7 Reasons Why Video Is Vital


In SocialIndexEngine Marketing our Job is to get you exposure, backlinks and bookings.
In our campaigns  strategic videos are vital to the success . People share videos more that any other content.


7 Reasons Why Video is Important to You

1. More is better. Travelers have different motives and triggers at any
given time - different videos appeal to market segments and provide
different messages. In Travel Marketing there are many messages and there
are many niche markets for families, groups, romance, adventure, getaway,
activities, etc.

2. Video is engaging and causes people to stay longer and do more. It
increases the stay rate on a site, which Google uses in its ranking of the

3. A Video page is one of the most popular pages on any tourism website.

4. Video is viral - visitors tell others about videos more that any other

5. A video is more likely to be picked up and appear on the first page of
Google because Google is indexing videos - sites that use them do better
that sites that do not.

6. Video is more powerful than blogs and content in persuading buyers.
Blogs too are effective and the more the better - same goes for videos.

7.If the video gets a certain number of views shortly after launch,
it can be featured by YouTube on its front page, and displayed to thousands.

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